Diameter 75MM With two notches optical glass convex lens (4 pieces/lot) 95% transmittance Led lens, High power LED glass lens

cylindrical lens focal length, lens 127mm

2500mw Focus

300 to 500 w. 4.1cm. Gurj-95. 22.35mm. Japanese obis. 110 x 90mm. Optical decoration. 13mm lensAbs and optical lens. #dlc-23. 

Supercarver Laser Engraver

Doumoo. 38.1mm/1.5inch. Lens 40 mm. Lens in led lights. #olq-26.8. Square plastic fresnel led lens. 81mm glass doublet lens. Eyeshot magnifier. High reflecting film. Microscope magnifier. Wholesale magnesium alloy sunglasses. #ivlx-22.89. Mo-25. 

Reflector Cup Led

#mr-8140. Yjm-20-25. 18 50.8 len and 20mm si mirror. Lens surfacing. 150/90. Lm28cls. Light shining. 276*172mm. 100-85-3. 1 set. Cree degree. #usoh-5. Cutting board. Plastic headlight lens. 

Wholesale Safety Glasses Of Work

Wholesale right angle prisms. D19f50.8. 1.5''. Lenses 20mm. 2w laser. Protective len. Yes, some are very damaged!. Optical pmma. Led len 3528. Mirror optical200x170mm optical plastic fresnel lens solar. Focal length : 45 degree led lens for 1w 3w 5w light lamp. Aspherical ,spherical. Led lens. 140*100mm. Concave-convex. 4.75mm. 

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