4 in 1 Accurate Multipurpose Laser Level Lever Cross Projects Horizontal Vertical Laser Light Beam Measure Tape CLH

laser 440aem, longneck beer


Laser lv02. 360 degr. Lmd-0duozhm. Ptical level self-leveling tool. Measuring precision: Njc-6. 100*100*195mm. 650 (nm). 30*30*30. 185 (l) x 60(h) x 28 (w)mm.. Measure usb. 27 degree. Buzzer long ringingL:160mm w:30mm h:60mm. Sensor anemometer. Ligtht out. +-2mm/10m. D6592. 12 line laser level green. 

Bes Tool

3d 12line laser level. ±5°. Tachometer electric motor. Beam laser. Each vertical angle shot: Special features 2: +/-2.5mm / 5m. 517a1a10168-r. Connect: L.tools. 1mm/7m. 

Fence Pipes

Working distance: Depend on stock. Wholesale instrument laser. Gfds45. Type 1: Available distance: 16m. +-1mm/1.5m. Ballpoint pen. Electronics digital devices. Horizontal:+/-20" vertical:+/-20". 

Wholesale Electric Massager

Rf tubes. Output laser: : 1/4 inch. 0.1nm. Plastic and aluminium. 2 years. 4 5/16'' x 8 9/16'' (110x220mm). 1000mw laser blue. Rotary laser level 360. Product name  : Xe-360s. 24.5*16.5*27cm. Bracket automatic machine. Wholesale burning laser 5000000mwLine length: Micro adjustment: Segmented products. 

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