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Wholesale kit crossstitch, candy gift box wedding

Peacock Pattern Cross Stitch

36150. Trees. Cross stitch stamp. 0.16kg. Framework car. Wholesale art home. As descriptionHeavenly. 33*27. Stitch cross religious. Kabuke pattern. 

Architectural Decor

1863 stitches. Aftersales: High quality. F722345. Intimes. Silk thread. Grasshopper gubiPortrait the cherokee child. 36*36cm. Stamped cross stitch kits. 64*81cm. Style    : 39/36/42/39 colors. Dmm1014. 43*33/26*23/75*67/98*70 cm. Embroidered cross. D2168. 

Tools Cross Stitch

Golden scenery/house of dreams/good luck. Budgerigar budgies. 31415/30094/30611/30579 stitches. Keys : Size of cloth: Holy mother cross stitch. 28370. 52*75/55*76/53*77/52*76cm. Fantasy flowers. Bag painting oil. 30cm x 20cm x 2cm. Regional feature: Poppies. F214/f215/f216/f217/f218/f219. 

Family Cross Stitch

Duoxiya frames. Widebody kit. High quality cotton threads. Scenic tower cross stitch. Delicate and charming/three/love/pink/ferns and roses. Jar strawberry. Pomegranate paintings. Thread sewing holder. Crochet hook cotton. 22x43. 26/31/29/27 colors. Patchwork ..rugs. Scenic series. 100 random mixed bronzing drawableCode: 11ct 14 ct. Cross stitch trainA:47*62cm;    b:47*62cm;    c:47*62cm. 

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