GW636 pulse meter / counter / tachometer / wire speed meter / frequency meter, /RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol

diy light kits, header male long

24v 10pcs

Specified av cable. Bluetooth csr debugger. Stm32 modbus rtu. Diode common cathode. Drill hole: Stereo bag. Byq-ptc15/18v-1. 2 core silica gel wire 0.12 square soft silicone cable. Smd resistor 560ohm. Wm8731 adv7123. Long pin header seat. 

Wholesale Server Print

Tec2-25408Md-d1021/12v-1. 300mm. Smd resistor 8.2ohm. Wholesale 10 pcs arduino. Md-d1022at/12v-1. 680pf. Wiring regulator. Lm2596sx-5.0. High temperature teflon wire ul1332#28awg. 

Mini Arm

Wholesale logical board. Hlk-rm04. Apl1085uc-tr. Guangdong china (mainland). 10a/for omron relay/speaker protection board/support btl amplifier. 2*0.5 square silica gel high temperature cable. 25 cmBzx55c15v. Gps module0603 1% 7.5m. Amplifier 2 core. Wholesale gps arduino. Md-f1000/24v-1. Pptc 3a. Md-d1005/m-1. 0603 1% 270r. Copper clads. 485 converter isolator industrial grade. Dc gear speed. 

Mosfet Irf9z24n

Md-d263t/5v-1. Resistor 1r. Smd 10uh inductor. Rly-d03-2. Heat toner transfer paper. Bios notebook. Md-d1189t-1. Cazenoveyi. Jewelry display or advertising  photography video. Product name: J1026f21cnl. Eb50b8-p4pr-600. Gal16v8d-25lpn. Lm334z. St-link/v2Md-d1125at-1. Gp2y1051au0f. Ss513at. Bluetooth diy speaker. Md-d233at-1. 

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