36Value * 20pcs =720pcs 1206 SMD Resistor Kit 1/4W 0.25W 5% 1 ohm~10 Mohm component diy kit new and original free shipping

0.47uf x2 capacitor, CNIKESIN 30PCS 25V1000uf Low ESR SANYO Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 10X16mm 1000UF 25V High Frequency LCD motherboard, 100v 3300uf capacitor

Wholesale 100uf Tantalum Capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors assortment kit. 450v68uf. -55°c --+105°c-40-105. 10 ohm 1w resistor. 680uf450v. 16v2200uf. 27 crystal oscillator. Condition: Guangdong, china (mainland). 0.22 ohm - 680 ohm 8 kinds. 0.1ohm 5w resistor. 5v 4f. Brand new 100% high quality. 

10m Resistor

2.2k ohm. (10 ohm - 1m ohm ) 30 kinds. 330uf0603  220r. Ek2071j12021ef1. Potentiometer 32mm. 5ppm~50ppm. 0805 resistor 5r1 6r8 220r 3r9 43r. 1200v 0.33uf. 400v120uf. 100w47r. 0.22 ohm-0.33 ohm. 

Low To High

Black volume knob. Ohm potentiometer. 6.3v560uf. 0.1uf cbb capacitor. Scope: Vr-200w/1k-1. 25v 220. 5mm photoresistor 5528. 1%&5%. Cbb capacitor kit. 103 50v 10nf 103m. Cement resistor. ±100 ppm/°c. Wholesale resistor 2.2k ohm. Capacitor monolith assortment. 

Resistor 470ohm

Output: Aca-016. Varistor 20d471. 100kohms variable resistor0805  100r. Yellow,sky blue,blue,black,brown,chocolate. Rm065 100k trimmer potentiometer. Ceramic carbon. Capacitor degrees100 ohm - 200 ohm. 0805 1% 0r-10m ohm. 470uf 25v. -55~85. 100pm. 63v 3300uf 18*40. 

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