CNC 3020 Machine Mini CNC Router CNC Engraving Machine for PCB Milling Woodworking

desktop milling machine cnc, 50w 3040

Touch Tft 3.5

Marker engraver. Cnc machine 3040 800w. Worktable size: Fiber cnc laser. Smd rework station phone. Collet type: Maximum clamping diameter: Linear guide rail router engraver cnc 3040. Collet typ:     : 2500mw laser engraver. Vertical 3040 5 axis cnc enrgaving machine 5 axis. 1208laser. 8060z-1.5kw/usb 3axis. 

Cnc Jade Machine

28*20*22cm. Free cnc. Plywood osb. 2  year. Arduino 3d printer. 2020 profiles. Mode fiber laser markerCut cnc. 300*200 mm. Cnc3020z-d300w. Optical wavelength : 3000w /4800w. Co2 laser tube,water-cooling. Two flutes straight end mills. Mopa raycus laser generator. Cable cutting gun. Working precision : Support system: 

Dowel Cutters

445nm 450nm diode. Max 100mm. Cnc6040z-d300. Mini cnc 1610Printer 3d sla. 180*270*95mm. 300*400mm. 90mm*70mm*17mm. Router cnc free shipping. 0.08mm-0.1mm. Code: Water jet stone cuttingUsb 3040. 42 step. Cnc system: 0.01~2mm, depends on marking material. Molding bit router

Machine Clock

Akj 1318h laser cutting machine. Wholesale machine tag. 8060z-usb 1500w 4 axis cnc machine. 300w  dc spindle , 0-10000r/min. Two-phase hybrid stepping motor 57bygh56-4011yd, 8 segments drive. 0-50mm/s. Cnc rotary axis tailstock -003. 640 *220mm (thickness 18mm t slot workbench 45 # steel). Cnc aluminum machine. Frame material:4030t-d300 3axis + mach3 ly-usb100. Cnc rotary axis tailstock -a. 

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