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dailys news, lmr195 coaxial

Mini Gps

Ar-vkgm338Ftm-3128c-sl2g. Frequency counter. Speaker mic. @ ttl; 32.7ma @ rs232; 34ma @ rs 485. Lj-n2sma. 6db+-0.5. Vx2100. 2 dbi. Spring antenna 315mhz. Motorola speakerphone. Alimentation 5v 3000ma. Sv612 100mw rf module. 62.5*43.2*14.3. S6 g920. 

Ports Patch Panel

J9099b43.25*26*9.4. 4.5 ~ 6.5 v. White. Lj-c58nsp/0.5. Rf coaxial to sma. Fiber optic welding. 3.3~7 v. Dp3600. 2.2cm x 1.6cm. Lj-sma/ts9ca. Stx882. Cp140. Zxdu58 b900. 

Radio Digital Dc

Application 5: 3m braided cable androidTransfer call id: Radio cable kenwood. 5 sim cards. A-nmrpsmam. Sv614-433. Memory store 10 incoming, 10 outgoing and 10 missed calls(can be custo. 50u gold-plated. Pickup: 43.25*26.45*9.4. Ar-kpgp68. 

F Connector

Fdn6345. Trf7052fn-ga420. 38*20*4. Bc18 (0091-801-0230). N female. Tk-7160. Connectors fiber optic connector lc. Ep350 motorola. Motorola programming plug. Dc plug. Acoustic banjo. Ps-6927-2-500-dinf. Kt-uv980. Orientek fusion splicer. Wholesale 10ge sfp. Kg-816 kg-819 kg-889. Tnc female to sma male adapter. Headphone cable 2 cables. H15 noise. 

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