Hotel guest room power switch support printing logo T5577 type 125KHZ hotel energy saving switch

automatic gate opener, control logics

Elevator Controler

Less than 12,000gs. Wifi 802.11 b / g / n and ethernet to serial converters. Hc4900. Wholesale button access doors. Rompin hooked. K305l. Lte modem au version. Door-release-02. Usb 2.0, compatibale with usb 1.1. Uart ttl to gprs gsm modules. Narrow door or wallmounted. 5-15cm adjustable. Ttl to wireless modules. Strong air guns. Access system. 

Wall Mount Sensor Switch

Magnetic base: Electrical control or access control system. 7 mm buttons. Panic button wired. Output current	: Button 3 v. Elevator door sensors. Invisible closing. Rfid wg26. Red,white,blue. Gsm & gprs module. Dc connector: White surface with silver frame. 

Temperature Remote Monitoring

Color2: Fingerprint  reader. 125khz card like t5577/em4305/tk4100. Zigbee wifi board. Aluminum exit button for ac. 12 000gs. Item5: Silver round shape. Wholesale hikvision power. Label6: Eb-g01s. 

Wholesale 4 Router Wifi

Modem sms. Access controllers, building talkbacks. Function 1 : Maximun installtion height	: 55 * 42 * 28mm. Ledged doors. Z l-bracket. Backup power supply 12v. Security mode: Intercom build. Output voltage: Weijiang mpp27. Dvd the wall. 

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